Utility Cycling is a blog and online resource for all things related to the practice of utility cycling. The purpose of the site is to help bring clarity to and better define the concept of utility cycling. At Utility Cycling.org, we see the practice of utility cycling as separate from the practices of sport or recreational cycling. Utility cycling encompasses many types of cycling activities and advocacy, and it is made unique by its goal-oriented nature. Utility cycling activities often focus on achieving tangible goals that can be accomplished during any particular outing, such as getting to work, delivering cargo, or patrolling a neighborhood.

At Utility Cycling, we will be examining and analyzing all of the categories and subcategories of utility cycling that we have set down in our first post. Additionally, we will conduct reviews, make reference to other important and related projects and topics, discuss a variety of issues related to cycling in general, and much more.

One of our main goals for site is to better define the concept and categories of utility cycling as we begin to elaborate on the different elements of the practice. To that end, we welcome you – the reader – to join in the conversation. Feel free to comment on posts you find interesting and send us an e-mail with your thoughts.

Ride on!